Cooking, running, and blogging my ass off. Literally.

My Program

I am beginning this project as a 5’5 girl weighing 164 pounds.  The smallest I’ve ever been is 147 pounds, and my goal weight is 130 pounds.  The loss will be achieved by weight lifting, healthy eating, and half marathon training.

Step 1:  Scarsdale Medical Diet

I know, I know. Fad diets are not the way.  Here is my logic.  The Scarsdale Medical Diet was strategically and fatally (google it) created based on a strategic combination of nutritious elements.  The foods are meant to be followed in the exact order Dr. Tarnower prescribed them, but you may eat as much as you want of what he lists.   I have achieved 5-10 pound weight loss from this diet many times.  However, I do not promise results from this, and it is by no means the key to losing weight. What it does do is shrink your stomach, change the way you think and feel about food, and jump start your way to clean eating. In my opinion, one week of this prepares you for a lifetime change.

For the first week, I will be following the Scarsdale Medical Diet.

Step 2: Healthy EatingFood List

By no means am I a nutritionist or even a weight loss success. But I have done a sickening amount of research on this.  If you want to see the sort of stuff I stick to, check out the list on the right.

Step 3:  Strength Training and Cardio

This girl’s blog is the inspiration for my fitness routine. She lists her weekly schedule and workout routines.  Based on her guidance,  my gym schedule is as follows:

Monday– Cardio and Legs

Tuesday– Cardio and Shoulders

Wednesday– Cardio

Thursday– Cardio and Back

Friday– Cardio and Chest

Saturday– Cardio and Arms

Sunday– Rest

I am also a huge fan of yoga and bikram yoga, so I will throw that in a few times a week and move around the days I take off of strength training.  Abs are the one thing she doesn’t include on the blog, so I am going to do the P90X ab ripper at least 3 times a week.

Step 4: Half Marathon Training

Running a half marathon has been a goal of mine for years. I am going to incorporate Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Training Program as my cardio with the goal of running a half marathon at the end of the 12 weeks.  There is a local Freedom Half Marathon on November 11… I’ve got my eye on you.

Step 5:  Track the hell out of all this.

One Vera Bradley notebook later, I am ready to write down every bite and every step I take to keep myself accountable.

Wish me luck bitches.


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