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Diary: July 18, 2012

Weight: 160.5

Breakfast:   1 slice Health Nut bread

Snack:   baby carrots

Lunch:   Field greens salad with cranberries, feta, and 3 shrimp

Dinner:  8 oz. baked chicken breast with ketchup, baby carrots with 1/2 tbsp dill dip, 1 tbsp cajun crab dip, 2 packets of Diet Hot Chocolate (25 cals)

Cardio:  Treadmill, 3 miles, 30 minutes

Strength:  Half of the P90X ab ripper… couldn’t make it all the way through. Pathetic.

Ok take a look at dinner… the dill dip, the cajun crap dip, the hot chocolate.  The first two are the result of starvation. I came home after the gym and not eating for 5 hours, and I immediately wanted to eat dinner. Of course, I forgot to thaw the chicken breast this morning.  I ate dinner about an hour later as I waited for it to thaw, but grazed on the baby carrots with the dips while I waited.  Of course, I did this standing in the kitchen.  Broke two cardinal rules tonight: always plan and never eat standing up. 

The hardest part about it is, this transgression isn’t even that bad, especially given the fact that the Scarsdale Diet has me eating meals of a large rabbit.  But the guilt overcame me, and I immediately wanted to get sick. I didn’t, but its important for me to note these triggers.  For those of you struggling with similar problems, consider writing down in your food journal every time you struggle with your eating disorder. What happened to you that day, how did you feel before you ate, how did you feel after you ate.


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